Datasets 1885-1886 (.csv)

These are Comma Separated Value files which can be opened in spreadsheet form (e.g. Microsoft Excel). All data was hand recorded from archived newspaper articles.

DOWNLOAD Whitechapel Data 1885 (.csv)

DOWNLOAD Whitechapel Data 1886 (.csv)

Spatial Datasets (Shapefiles)

You can download digitized (vector) shapefiles of the roads, buildings, and overpasses of the Whitechapel area here.
These files can be viewed online on the interactive map under the Utility Shapefiles area of the legend

DOWNLOAD Whitechapel (1894-96) Roads Shapefile (.zip)

DOWNLOAD Whitechapel (1894-96) Buildings Shapefile (.zip)

DOWNLOAD Whitechapel (1894-96) Overpasses Shapefile (.zip)

Newspaper Data

This is an excel spreadsheet with information about the run, political biases, and other pertinent information about the newspapers used in this project.

DOWNLOAD Information about Newspapers (.xlsx)